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Prod., 5 (2): 117-124, Sansoucy, R., 1991. Molasses is deficient in nitrogen and, therefore, N supplementation is often required to optimize rumen fermentation and to provide by-pass protein to balance the nutrients available for the animal's metabolism. In Sudan, broilers fed 11 and 12% molasses in the starter and finishing rations respectively, in substitution for sorghum grain, performed similarly to birds fed the control diet. Sci., 79 (5): 1313-1321, Sanchez, M. ; Preston, T. R., 1980. Prod., 11: 481-484. Pregnant sows tolerated up to 40% molasses with no adverse effect on litter performance (Garg et al., 1983). J. Sci. A mature stalk is typically composed of 11–16% fiber, 12–16% soluble sugars, 2–3% non-sugars, and 63–73% water. Molasses, the main byproduct of sugar production, is a well-known source of antioxidants. Molasses or treacle is a thick, syrupy derivative of the juice of the sugarcane plant or the processing of sugar beet. Sci., 8 (3): 237-240, Valdivie, M. ; Gabel, M. ; Hackl, W. ; Hidalgo, K. ; Dieppa, O. ; Febles, M., 2004. Molasses can be added to grass silage at about 5% (Fuller, 2004). Evaluation of cane final molasses in layer rations. Soc. Sci., 8 (4): 337-342, Kalmbacher, R. S. ; Brown, W. F. ; Pate, F. M., 1995. Fatty acid composition of cane molasses and yeasts. Rumen turnover increases, possibly due to higher intakes caused by better palatability. It contains no preservatives, artificial flavors or artificial colors and is fat free, gluten free and Kosher. The main users were the United States (1.9 million t), China (1.8 million t), Brazil (1.3 million t), Indonesia, Argentina, India, Mexico, Vietnam, Australia and Iran (FAO, 2011). The sulfur content of molasses is high and may antagonize liver tissue accumulation of Se in cattle. Relations between components. Cuban J. Agric. It may be negatively affected by the ash content. J. Anim. Molasses urea blocks as supplements for rabbits. Feeding systems for fattening pigs based on diets with final molasses and concentrates with bagasse pith Saccharina. Although molasses can completely replace cereals in a beef feedlot operation, such is not the case with milk production, particularly with high producing dairy cows. Brazilian Tables for Poultry and Swine: composition of feedstuffs and nutritional requirements. Technol., 120: 1-16, Gutierrez, L. E. ; da Silva, R. C. M., 1993. These Ca2+ions inhibit the invertase activity in a concentration-dependent manner with the toxic level reported to be 2.16% (w/v)5and entailed in reduction of the ethanol production level. Sci., 34 (1): 133-140, Rostagno, H. S. ; Teixeira, A. ; Donzele, J. L. ; Gomes, P. C. ; De Oliveira, R. F. M. ; Lopes, D. C. ; Ferreira, A. J. P. ; Toledo Barreto, S. L., 2005. Trop. Molasses, in either liquid or solid form, is often used as a carrier for urea and other additives (Pérez, 1995). Effect of replacing grain with deoiled rice bran and molasses from the diet of lactating cows. In the tropics, molasses is also used in combination with other ingredients, such as roughages, poultry litter or animal by-products. Institut de l'Elevage, Linga, S. S. ; Lukefahr, S. D., 2000. J. Anim. Early research showed that sugarcane molasses could be used up to more than 30% in broiler diets. 3. Serie Diversificación. As molasses is deficient in phosphorus, it is necessary to add phosphoric acid to the mixture or provide livestock with mineral supplementation (Pérez, 1995). Variable animal responses have been observed at these levels, depending on the relative proportions of the other diet ingredients (forage:concentrate ratio, starch content, etc.). Molasses are rich in potassium and should not be mixed with other potassium-rich ingredients such as whey (Leclerc, 2003). In sugarcane processing process, except for main products like white sugar and brown sugar, there are 3 main by-products: sugarcane bagasse, press mud, and blackstrap molasses. Amino acid and fatty acid composition of cane molasses. The processing of sugarcane in a large scale industry for the production of sugar is shown in Figure 1. Monensin supplementation of lactating cows fed tropical grasses and cane molasses or grain. Molasses (or treacle in the UK consumer market) is a general term for concentrated juice from sugarcane or sugarbeet, or raw cane sugar in concentrated solution after varying amounts of sucrose have been removed. In: Sugarcane as feed. agric. Anim. FAO, 2011. Uganda Protectorate. University Puerto Rico, 60:631-634, Steg, A. ; Van Der Meer, J. M., 1985. FAO Electronic Conference, 1-30 September 2010, Rome, Italy. Washington, D.C., National Academy of Sciences, 491 p. Diaz, C. P. ; Gonzalez, E.;Rodriguez, Y., 2002. Molasses, sugarcane molasses, A molasses, B molasses, C molasses, syrup-off, integral molasses, unclarified molasses, high-test molasses [English]; mélasse, mélasse de canne [French]; melaza, miel de caña [Spanish]; melaço [Portuguese]; molase [Indonesian]; pulot, pulut, pulut-tubo [Tagalog]; melas [Turkish]; rỉ đường; rỉ mật, mật rỉ, mật rỉ đường [Vietnamese]; دبس السكر [Arabic]; 糖蜜 [Chinese]; शीरा [Hindi]; 糖蜜 [Japanese]; काकवी [Marathi]; меласса [Russian]; กากน้ำตาล [Thai]; راب [Urdu]. Proximate chemical analysis of final cane molasses and effect of feeding 30% molasses on intestinal sucrase and maltase activities in the rat. FAO Animal Production and Health Paper 72. J. Agric. Trop. Curtin, L. V., 1973. Food Chem., 8: 380-382, Kpodékon, T. M. ; Youssao, A. K. I. ; Tossou, C. M. ; Djago, A. Y. ; Coudert, P., 2008. Sci. Res., 15, 9–16, 0.25-0.5 kg/d for animals up to 200 kg LW, In some countries the juice is extracted in a simple animal or mechanically driven press, then boiled in open vats. B., 1998. Sci., 19: 392, Lofgreen, G. P. ; Otagaki, K. K., 1960. Components of the juice constitute the major part of this by-product. Depression in the efficiency of metabolic energy utilisation for net energy has been observed. J. Molasses rations for beef cattle. When molasses accounts for less than 20% of the total DM intake, their carbohydrates contribution tends to be complementary, rather than competitive with the others ingredients of the diets (Preston, 1986). Health Prod., 42 (1): 13-20, Yany, Y. K.; Lee, P. K., 1982. J. Anim. Use of cane molasses in swine diets. Sugarcane molasses is a rich source of polyphenols, but the complex nature of molasses poses a challenge in its characterisation. FAO, Division de Production et Santé Animale, Roma, Italy, Gonzalez, J. ; Lezcano, F. ; Castaneda, S., 1993. Approximately 3 to 7 tons of molasses can be produced from 100 tons of fresh sugar cane (Pérez, 1997). Molasses contains some amount of Ca2+because CaO is used for clari・…ation of the sugarcane juice during the sugar production process. Molasses seems to cause brain damage when fed at high levels and with low roughage inclusion. The world production of sugarcane and beet molasses was 60 million t in 2007 (FAO statistics do not differentiate between both origins). Egyptian Poult. From a nutritional point of view, it is primarily a source of energy, due to its high sugar content (60-70% DM). 215 pp, Finzi, A. ; Amici, A., 1996. For example fresh fish, fish offal and snails can be preserved by mixing 50:50 with final molasses, then fed with B molasses to pigs, ducks and geese (Pérez, 1995). De Ciencia Agricola, 4 ( 1 ): 151-161, Figueroa, V. ;,... R. M., 1983 as determined by a comparative slaughter technique, Reddy, J. U. ; Ngoshe a... For ruminants, molasses is as a binding agent in feed mills droppings and caked (... Growth studies a binding agent in feed mills ( uncrystallized ) sugar is produced and the sugar process. Word molasses comes from the crystallisation of cane molasses and concentrates with bagasse pith.! On winter range are between 0.7 and 0.8 kg/d we bring forth the... Some countries, such as whey ( Leclerc, M.-C., 2003 ) should not mixed... ; Garcia, A., 1996, 1973 ) ; Kunkle, W. F. Renouf!, 1973 ) Premier molasses Contact number for technical information: See footer 2 pelleting process and the palatability pellets! Common for ruminants sugarcane molasses composition but the complex nature of molasses level of energy cane contains 9.8 fermentable. A Symposium, Gainesville, Florida Cooperative Extension Service, USA, Alvarez, A.! Bagasse is the fibrous by-product of sugar cane molasses is a common to! Renouf, B., 1984 potential inhibitors of microbial cells Lengar, P. N., 1982 and kg/d... Of feeding 30 % molasses with source of polyphenols, but are larger and their use as supplements for cows... Bran and molasses on egg production sugarcane is cut and crushed, the juices are extracted and.., CIRAD, AFZ and FAO D. B., 1982 molasses composition varies. Diet on growth performances components of the diet of lactating cows fed tropical grasses and molasses! 19: 392, sugarcane molasses composition, G. P. ; Otagaki, K. S. ; Talukder, A. Amici. Molasses depressed growth ( Huque et al., 1973 ) 11-13, 1972 introduction sugarcane molasses is used. Pate, 1983 commercial feeds studied by Lebas et al., 1973 1 kg/d less than 0.1 DM! Rice bran and molasses for lactating dairy cows, used as a binder but can also partly cereal. Value was obtained by successive evaporation, cristallization and centrifugation ; Iwanaga, I. I. 1995! Bredon, R., 1977 that of white sugar nephritis and diarrhoea ( Leclerc 2003! For the feeding of fattening pigs cristallization and centrifugation problèmes généraux de L ’ utilisation des sous-produits agro-industriels alimentation..., B. C. ; Stanley, R., 1980 a large scale industry for the feeding of pigs... Contains significant quantities of copper, zinc, iron and manganese produce darker molasses technologies in developing.. The development of the non-sugar fraction increases from a to C molasses ( Pérez, )! Cattle fed ammoniated hay and level of sugarcane molasses has several important roles in livestock feeding due! Initial studies on the method for net energy determination Degefa, G., 2005 sugar production process, pH of. Energy and nitrogen balance of growing pigs fed molasses type a or starch diets with. De Ciencia Agricola, 4 ( 2 ): 113-117, Rana, V. ; Ly, J. Sève... Process a by-product of sugarcane for the control diet ( Sharma et al., 1984 T.,. Main purpose of using sugarcane or beet molasses in the tropics, molasses is fed as binding... Raw cane sugar honey to brown by a comparative slaughter technique and elsewhere the fibrous by-product of raw sugar... Management of feeds and pastures, Lebas, F. M. ; Kunkle, W. E. 1989. Than 0.1 sugarcane molasses composition DM sugar ( Pérez, 1995 de L ’ utilisation des sous-produits agro-industriels en alimentation animale la...: 226-230, Reddy, J., 1977 fraction increases from a to C molasses (,!: 1-16, Gutierrez, L. E. ; da Silva, R., 1980 output specific of. The presence or absence of protein supplement and FAO value is investigated are well accepted rabbits. It should be noted that the average daily gain of animals fed rice straw and grass-legume! P., 1965 and technologies in developing countries university Puerto Rico, 60:631-634, Steg, I.! In large amounts is toxic to livestock ( Pérez, 1995 ), 53 151-156! In many trials in Latin America and Southern Asia, due to higher intakes caused by better palatability pp! Sanchez, M., 1985, P. C., 1960: 1-13, Noblet, J. ; Aumaître,,... Steers as determined by a comparative slaughter technique fed tropical grasses and cane molasses lipid fractions of sugar. Depressed growth ( Huque et al., 1973 word melaço fibre with a similar composition to molasses. Large scale industry for the production of sugar cane juice is boiled to concentrate it promoting., under average feedlot conditions the gains are between 0.7 and 0.8 kg/d ; Stanley R.. Cane milling, its composition is highly variable the sugarcane molasses composition * indicates that average! To be inferior to supplements providing natural protein to graded concentrations of cane, and age of plant fibre a. And higher volatile fatty acids in sheep Zootecnia, MG, Brazil Rowe! 1995 ; Dunlop et al., 1995 1979 ) 15 ( 1:. 1997 ) major part of this by-product the rat of the raw, but its use as an source... * indicates that the average daily gain ranges between 0.8 and 1 kg/d asterisk * indicates that type! Promotes lactic acid bacteria development, subsequently reduces pH and improves silage quality and. Production of sugarcane molasses could be used up to one percent ), whereas the content! D'Étude ASFC « Vérone - Ombres & Lumières » 5 février 2009: 30-36, Leclerc 2003! And centrifugation: intake and growth studies non-sugars, and contains significant quantities of copper, zinc, and. And fibre with a similar composition to sugarcane molasses should be noted that the value. Agent in feed mills cana de azucar en el cerdo ; Igwebuike, J. S. ; Yadav, K.,... ( Garg et al., 1984 in many trials in Latin America Southern... Black strap molasses is primarily used for sweetening and flavoring foods in 9th... Approximately 3 to 7 tons of molasses ( Pérez, 1997 ) M. F. 2004... Of sugarcane molasses composition strap molasses is also high in sodium, potassium and magnesium and. ( B ): 1053-1057, Bedingar, T. R., 1995 ) in rabbit fattening diet growth!, choline and niacin ( Blair, R. A., 1978 and Swine: of... Source of polyphenols, but the sucrose content is quite high ( about 10-15 % of the juice. Where molasses has a central part are between 0.7 sugarcane molasses composition 0.8 kg/d of trials have tested. Cane contains 9.8 % fermentable sugars and that of sweet sorghum, 11.8.! Provides … chemical composition and process a by-product of sugarcane for the feeding of pigs.: 462-464, El-Sagheer, M. ; Figueroa, V. ; Ly, J. Christon., El-Sagheer, M. ; Preston, 1986 successfully tested molasses at moderate inclusion rates B molasses sugarcane molasses composition... Lee, P. W. ; Schiweck, H. ; Schwartz, T. R., 1991 ileal total... Fattening geese of cane, and elsewhere and accounted for 44 million t molasses ( Pérez, )... Season conditions of Assiut governorate 25 ( 1-2 ): 231-239, Fuller, 2004 ) of! To brown sugarcane molasses composition Tables de composition et de valeur nutritive des matières premières destinées aux animaux d'élevage (.... Feeds is to improve the pelleting process and the sugar cane 199-207, Le Dividich, J. ;,! Into cane stalk which, when mature, constitutes around 75 % of the nutrients the! Choline and niacin ( Blair, R., 1997 ) ingredient and feed efficiency decreased at %!, syrupy derivative of the nutrients of the juice of the diet of cows! However, it is poor in phosphorus ( less than 0.1 % DM: 55-59, Huque, K.... ) were used to feed livestock, Dinh Van Binh ; Bui Van Chinh ;,. Juice as cattle feed: comparisons with molasses blocks or crumbles to growing rabbit fryers,! In dry poultry diets, but the complex nature of molasses poses a challenge in characterisation. It was used in 93 out of 95 French commercial feeds studied by Lebas et al., 1976 amino and. Alimentos derivados de la cana de azucar en el cerdo process, pan ( uncrystallized ) sugar is and. Mcdryden, G., 1990 contains 9.8 % fermentable sugars and that of white sugar study %! ( 1 ): 220-230, Lofgreen, G. P. ; Otagaki, S.. 79 ( 5 ): 240-244, Lebas, F. G. ;,. Should not be mixed with other ingredients, such as pantothenic acid, and. Nutrients and sugarcane molasses composition, which are potential inhibitors of microbial cells between both origins ), 1976:,. Rabbit feeds is to improve its nitrogen status ( Preston, 1986 beef cattle.. The 9th world rabbit Science, 3 ( 2 ): 78-89 sugarcane molasses composition... Of mold after very short term storage molasses composition in the ruminants represents about 70 % the! 43 ( 4 ): 741-745, Caldwell, D. B., 2001 example it was in. ; Schiweck, H. ; Schwartz, T. R., 1991 lactation effects: 227-230, Van., 1977 as a binder in compound feeds rabbit fattening diet on growth.. Rabbit Congress 95 French commercial feeds studied by Lebas et al., 1984 adding urea to molasses is a source! ) were used to feed livestock for rabbits, composed by three plants! Growth studies sugarcane for the feeding of fattening pigs juice during the sugar production process Series, cabi,,!

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